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Arts & Crafts of Kashmir

The state of Jammu and Kashmir is famous the world over for its unique and splendid work of art and crafts. Travel through even the remotest parts of the state will give an insight into the world of art and craft in Jammu and Kashmir. Just about everything that is seen in Jammu and Kashmir has some kind of art work done on it. The most prominent is the embroidery work on the shawls and the cloths of Kashmiri people are very mesmerizing to be not noticed. You will also see the work of magic in wood works, steel wares, Papier-mache.

Many intellectuals call Kashmir a heaven on earth. It's called so not only for its scenic beauty but for delicate arts and crafts too. The diverse articles ranging from woolen textiles of fleecy soft texture of matchless excellence in weaving, hand-woven carpets of finest warp and weft, to the exquisite designs worked on papier-mache, wood work, silverware, etc. are the products of unique craftsmanship.

Kashmiri Carpets

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Kashmiri Carpets are world-famous for their beautiful hand-woven designs traditional as well as modern, intricate embroidery, colors and the material used.  Kashmiri Carpets are a pure work of Art. This craft represents the soul of our beautiful homeland Kashmir.


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Papier-mache variety items You name the object and it is ready in papier-mache with exuberant colors, designs and finesse. Lamps, Flower vases, Jewel boxes, Christmas Balls .... list is endless.


Kashmiri Shawls

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Embroidery shawls in Pashmina, ruffle and cashmere wool.Kashmiris have been making shawls for thousands of years owing to the cold climate and abundance of pure wool available in valley.


Woor Carvings

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The woodcarving is one of the best known cottage industries of the Kashmir valley. Wood carving is done on a variety of objects-ranging from furniture (tables, chairs, writing desks, dining tables etc.) to articles of personal use like cigarette boxes, cigar boxes, jewelry boxes, photo frames and various other articles.

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